Travel Treasure: Kansas's Majestic Monuments

Out on the plains of Western Kansas, there are a few sights one doesn't typically plan on encountering (trees, cities, KU fans, even the slightest rise in the topography), yet as you approach the western edge of Gove County, you'll see a sight that just might make you rub your eyes.

A cluster of large, sculptured, white chalky monoliths known as Monument Rocks is one of five National Natural Landmarks in Kansas, and is certainly one of its most unique.  These deposits were left behind during Cretaceous Period about 80 million years ago when what is now Kansas was located at the depths of a seaway.  The little critters and plants that were trapped and preserved in the seabed's murky bottom now reveal themselves in the countless number of fossils which help to make up these sculptures.

It's hard to really get a sense of just how huge these things are in comparison to the flattened prairie lands which surround it without having some kind of object place for scale--here, that comes in the form of my shirtless husband (hey, it's REALLY hot in Kansas in the summertime)!

This isn't the Rocky Mountains or the badlands of South Dakota, but Monument Rocks are certainly a travel treasure that are sure to take your breath away, and is definitely one of my favorites in Kansas!