Travel Treasure : The Waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park

Tucked away in the middle of Croatia sits a huge karstic basin which has carved out a pretty dreamworld of waterfalls, caverns, crystal-clear pools, natural barriers, cliffs, and dense forests.  Now registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Plitvice Lakes National Park is definitely the country's national treasure, and was a must stop on our road trip through Croatia and the Western Balkans.

The park is patterned out into a variety of hikes, with the shortest one being about 90 minutes.  You could easily spend an entire day here on one of the 6-7 hour hikes as the stunning sites keep you yearning for more around the next bend!  My suggestions:  bring a sturdy pair of hiking boots, your camera, and a picnic, and just loose yourself in a piece of artwork which has literally taken thousands of years to create!

Plitvice's 16 azure lakes linked together by refreshing waterfalls are completely captivating (and fight for the title of the country's Most Beautiful with Croatia's craggy Adriatic coast)!  The best way to get to this Travel Treasure is to hop in a car, hit the old road between Zagreb and Zadar, and follow the signs all the way there.  There are a ton of hotels and opportunities for camping (highly recommended!) in the area if you're on a good old fashioned road trip.  To top it off, the friendly Croatians are justly proud to show you around their neck of the woods if you find yourself looking for an alternative route to hit up while in Europe!