Rock Out in Kansas

Out on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful prairie that makes up the Solomon River Valley in north central Kansas lies this...

Okay, big whoop.  It's a long-winded dirt road out in the styx.  Any other big Kansas surprises?

Well, yes, actually!  Welcome to this week's geological travel treasure:  Rock City!

For anyone who has the gusto to venture off of the dreaded I-70, Kansas holds a lot of little natural surprises that dare you to call the state boring and flat!  Monument Rocks is one.  And this little area in the seemingly middle of nowhere is another.  Here lies over 200 mysterious, rondure concretions of Dakota sandstone that are well worth the little side-trip off of the Interstates.  Nowhere else in the world can you see such a large concentration of such large, rocky orbs!  Best part?  You can clamber all over these free-standing boulders for a half hour of pure fun!

The admission fee helps to keep up the grounds, maintain the "rustic" outdoor commodes (proudly serving Rock City since 1971), and to create lovely little nature trails out in the surrounding pretty prairie.  If no one is around to take your dinero, just leave it in the box by the little stone gift shop.

Sure, you could head to Cleveland or Memphis to get your rock on, but I highly doubt they'd give you the picnicking and hide-and-go-seeking opportunities like this place.  Get out and experience the playground that is the backhills (yes, there ARE hills) of Kansas!