Howdy!  My name is Crystal Bock Thiessen, and I am an early 30s photographer, traveler, teacher, wifey, foodie, and beer-tester.  Hailing from America's Heartland in the great, wheat-y state of Kansas, I have traveled to half our nation's states, and almost 35 of our world's countries (and still counting for both, if I have my way).  Besides the United States, I have studied, lived, and/or worked abroad in the Netherlands, Mexico, Ireland, Japan, and Ukraine, which has led me to numerous opportunities to travel all over Europe, Asia, and North America.  In addition, I studied photography, Spanish, and teaching English as a second language as an undergraduate and graduate student, and I try to use all three to live an inspired life of learning, discovering, and adventuring (with a few tasty food comas thrown in for good measure)!  

I really do agree with the mantra that calling a place 'boring' says more about the person than the place in question.  My desire to visit far away lands and meet people of different cultures can be matched only by my love for a good ol' American road trip or photo session in a funky, historic neighborhood, and meeting the locals who call those places home.  From World Heritage Sites to the World's Largest (fill-In-the-blank), I enjoy experiencing and photographing it all (and am lucky enough to have a husband, Jacob, who likes to do the same with me)!

For our newest and most current adventure, life (jobs) has thrown us down in Lincoln, Nebraska for the time being!  Whether you're a globe-trotter yourself or just like a little wanderlust from the comfort of home, from the Far East to the East Coast (and everywhere in between), come hang out in my space for a bit!